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A Customer Development Tool

Save 100's of hours and 1000's of dollars on dev work for less than $100

“The only tool you need for the first 60 days.”

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All your conversations in one place

Say goodbye to various docs, to-do list and survey tools - and see all your conversations in one place and obtain a problem validation score.

“There are no facts inside your building, so get outside.”

Steve Blank
Customer development conversation list

A step-by-step guide

More than just a framework, Idea Validator is the workspace to add all your ideas, conduct market research and contacts - so you can stay organized.

“The literal guide and walk through made my brain actually not freak out and work on building a startup.”

Validate your startup

Validation is more important than ever

With the prevalence of low-code, no-code and MVP building, it is tempting to get into development, but validation is more important than ever. Listen to your target audience and only build if theirs clear signs.

“A tool that helps you collect feedback on the viability of your business concept.”

Specialized Customer Development Editor

Eager to bring your idea to life? Start validating your next startup or project now.